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India's relations with Guyana are warm and cordial with a high degree of understanding. The interaction is structured through periodic Joint Commissions, Foreign Office Consultations, Cultural Exchange Programme and ITEC. Though structured bilateral visits are not very frequent, there are meetings of leaders at international conferences, either in India or abroad.Prime Minister met with President Jagdeo during Trinidad CHOGM Summit in November 2009 and Speaker of Guyanese Parliament visited India in January 2009 to attend Commonwealth Speakers' Conference. President Jagdeo embarked on a private visit to India in January 2011 and after demitting office in February 2012 to attend Delhi Sustainable Development Summit (DSDS) 2012. The 3rd round of Foreign Office Consultations was held in Georgetown on 15th July, 2011. Prime Minister of Guyana, Mr Samuel Hinds visited India in October, 2012, to attend International Seminar on Energy Access and also had a bilateral meeting with the Prime Minister of India. President of Guyana Mr. Donald Ramotar, accompanied by former President Mr. Bharrat Jagdeo visited India to participate in DSDS 2013 Summit organized by The Environment Research Institute (TERI) from 31st January - 1st February, 2013. President Mr Donald Ramotar also made a courtesy call on the Hon'ble President of India.

President Donald Ramotar also had a bilateral meeting with Prime Minister Shri Narender Modi on 16th July, 2014 on the sidelines 6th BRICS-UNASUR Meeting at Fortaleza in Brazil. Both the leaders reviewed bilateral relations including enhancing of economic and commercial ties.

Off late, Indian companies have shown increased interest in mining and forestry. A number of Indian companies have acquired agricultural land for cultivation of maize, pulses, vegetables and fruits etc. Some have invested in the field of education and health services.

Bilateral trade between India and Guyana is US$ 31.47 for 2013-14 (compared to US$ 26.67m for 2012-13) (India's exports to Guyana US$ 24.19m and India's import from Guyana at US$ 7.28m).

India-Guyana bilateral trade 2009-10 to 2013-14(US$ Million).







India's Export






India's Import






Total Trade






A Line of Credit of US$ 25.5 million was extended to Guyana in 2004 and a fresh Line of Credit for an additional US$ 50 million was offered in 2008. A Speciality Hospital is being constructed in Georgetown with a soft loan of 19.1m from the unspent balance of Line of Credit of US$ 25.5M extended in 2004. The hospital when in operation would be the only one of its kind in Caribbean and likely to attract patients from across the region.In 2002, a Line of Credit of US $ 19 million and a grant of US$ 6 million were extended to Guyana which has been fully utilized. India has already helped Guyana in construction of a Cricket Stadium (National Stadium), a sugar packaging plant, heavy duty drainage pumps and traffic lights in Georgetown.

India offers a number of slots (20 for 2014-15) annually for Guyanese scholars to be trained in India under the Indian Technical and Economic Cooperation programme. In February 2010, a team of experts under ITEC conducted a feasibility study for a deep water port in Guyana. Presently an ITEC expert in the field of Agriculture is working with Government of Guyana.Scholarships are also offered under Cultural and Commonwealth schemes as also scholarships for Diaspora Children and the Know India Programme for Diaspora Youth.

Indian Cultural Centre in Georgetown, the arm of ICCR in Guyana was established in 1972.The Cultural Centre has provisions to teach Indian classical dance, yoga and music.Besides organizing classes for dance, yoga and music, the Cultural Centre also organizes cultural events round the year and takes part in cultural events organized by local cultural and social organisations. The Centre organizes workshops from time to time and also participates in local cultural events as a part of its outreach programme.Hindi classes in Region 2 of Guyana are being held since 2010 under the aegis of ICCR.

The National Council of Science Museums of India hosted a mobile science exhibition called "India: A Culture of Science". The Exhibition was held in Georgetown from 20th August to 30th September, 2012. Approx 33000 people, mainly students, visited the exhibition. The exhibition also held workshops in which scientists from India trained Guyanese teachers in science and mathematics.

A 6-member Bhojpuri Music troupe visited Guyana from 23rd to 26th May, 2014 under the aegis of ICCR. The Troupe gave 3 performances including the one on the Independence Day of Guyana.

Indian High Commission actively participated in celebration of 175th Anniversary of Indian Arrival in Guyana. GOPIO International inaugurated Calcutta monument in Georgetown and at Highbury in Region 6 - the point of first Indian arrival in Guyana.

There is a small Indian community of Indians approx 300 working as doctors, nurses, lab technicians, small business, skilled workers and laborers in big companies in Guyana. The number of Indians is likely to increase with the Construction of specialty hospital and participation of Indian companies in the field of Agriculture.


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