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Conversion of PIO card to OCI card

From October 2018, International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) will accept only machine readable travel documents. It would therefore be necessary for all PIO card holders to obtain machine readable OCI Cards, in lieu of their existing PIO cards, before September 30, 2018. No further extension of the current deadline i.e. September 30, 2018 for the conversion of PIO Cards to OCI cards will be approved. All PIO card holders travelling after the above mentioned ICAO guidelines coming to effect from October 2018 without machine readable OCI Cards, will be refused entry at the Indian Immigration Counters and will be sent back. It is also mentioned that any request for conversion of PIO card to OCI card will attract a fee of $100. The fees for issuance of fresh OCI cards will remain as US $275.


OCI in lieu of PIO card process detail is also available at


(a) OCI card is a smart card;

(b) Possession of an OCI card will facilitate quicker immigration clearance at the Immigration Check Posts;

(c) It will help in obtaining various Consular Services from the Indian Missions;

(d) For those who are resident in India, it will facilitate in availing various services in India.


OCI card holders are required to get their OCI cards reissued whenever passport is renewed for persons under twenty years of age, and OCI card needs to be renewed  after crossing 50 years of age only once, that too when the US passport is renewed.  If time is short and you have to travel, please make an online application for renewal of OCI Card,  carry acknowledgement/ print out thereof, old passport and new passport and the old machine readable OCI card.   




The deadline for submission of application for registration as OCI Cardholder by existing holders of PIO Card has been extended to December 31, 2017


     Application may be made online at and thereafter submitted to the High Commission of India, Georgetown for processing.


     It may be noted that no additional documentation except copies of the foreign passport and the existing PIO card are required.


     Please ensure that your PIO card is replaced with the OCI Card before December 31, 2017.  

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