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Invest Karnataka - 2016


The Government of Karnataka is hosting the "Invest Karnataka 2016" meet from 3rd to 5th February, 2016 at the Palace Grounds, Bengaluru.


Over the years Invest Karnataka has come to signify successful partnerships and comprehensive & sustained developments. Invest Karnataka aims to create a platform for the best minds to meet, exchange ideas and drive forward the state's vision of prosperity for all - by employing technology, innovation, inclusivity and sustainability as key factors for development.


The meet will see participation from leading industrialists/CEOs from domestic and international corporations & SMEs, policy makers from different countries, members of international businesses and industry associations, entrepreneurs, thought leaders and researchers.


Karnataka is one of India's most industrially advanced states and Bengaluru is already familiar world over as India's Silicon Valley. Recently the state Government has unveiled New Industrial Policy which encourages growth besides easing the way for doing business. The reforms have made the business more conducive for attracting new investment across many sectors.


The state has identified focus areas in Manufacturing; including Automobiles, Aerospace, Drugs &Pharma, Infrastructure, Smart townships and Urban Infrastructure, Information Technology & Bio Technology, Tourism, Agriculture & Food Processing, Energy and Textiles & Garments.


Investors from Guyana are most cordially invited to participate in "Invest Karnataka - 2016".


Registration is open and details of events and sector-profiles are available on both in downloadable and printable form.


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